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Fun Run / Cow Bingo Wrap-Up

Sunday, November 1st, 2009

Sunday’s Fun Run and Cow Bingo events were both big successes. The runners were sent off to the races with an old-fashioned musket blast.
At the Fun Run starting line

Various goodies, t-shirts and squares for cow bingo were being marketed by dedicated cow fund volunteers…


Chris Molinaro outran a herd of hungry cows competing for the dedicated role of official cow of “Cow Pie Bingo”.


It’s a sprint to the finish line! (Names of winners will be added to the post shortly…)


Meanwhile, the designated First Cow of Cow Pie Bingo was making her choice.

Where to Go?

And we have a winner! Actually, four winners. Against all odds, the cow pie landed on the intersection of four squares. Olympic archers are not so accurate. Those of you with delicate sensibilities may want to avert your eyes now (then again, if you have delicate sensibilities why are you reading a post about cow pie bingo?), but here’s the winning “pie”.