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Cow Commons

Monday, December 12th, 2011

The town “common” is often thought of as a small green space in the town center. It originally was a concept brought from Britain where a large tract of generally less arable land was put aside for the grazing of livestock (generally livestock of the rich). In Marlborough, a large tract which included much of present day Southborough was established in 1664. The following is from a transcript of the Marlborough Town Records. It describes a number of landmarks which can still be located. The Alcocke Farm was in the SE corner of present day Marlborough, given to the original surveyor of Marlborough. The Stony Brook is now the reservoir system up to Crane meadow where the new exit is off Rt. 495. Stirrup Meadow Brooke is by the high school and then up to the Assibath (Assibet) River probably near the Solomon Pond Mall and to Hudson. It was basically a ring around the nucleated town center.