The “Hayfield”, well not exactly.

Written by Paul on May 11th, 2012

The agreement for the USDA GRP program stipulated that the areas outside of the pasture be untouched until August 1st to allow ground nesting birds to nest and the babies to fledge the nest. Hay quality plummets after about July 1st as the grass species put the energy into producing seeds. This results in a very low quality hay not really worth haying. Our plan for this year is to get in August 1st and cut off the standing vegetation and let the grass re-grow for late Aug. September grazing. As you can see in the pictures the invasive plants have been removed and the quality of the forage has greatly improved since 2005 when the project started.

"hayfield" 2005"hayfield" similar view, 2012"hayfield" looking north 2005


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