DYS Comes to Visit

Written by Paul on November 16th, 2013

Our relationship with the Department of Youth Services continued with a visit on a beautiful November Friday. Four boys from Boston who have never seen a farm before came to Breakneck Hill Farm for a tour. We started out with a visit to the Milking Devon cattle and then visited the chickens and pigs. We talked about how cows and sheep are able to eat grass because of their four stomaches and how pigs are omnivores like us. We then went and visited the herd of Belted Galloways in the Community Garden. We went out into the orchard and were able to collect a couple of bags of apples to feed the cows. Finally, we ended the visit by taking Exeter, our Milking Devon bull calf out on a halter. These experiences are taken for granted by suburban kids. Some of these young men had never seen a cow before. Its amazing to see young people who are growing up in very difficult, stressful and violent situations act like they’re kids here. They seem to feel safe here. Unfortunately, the kids in this program will return to the same difficult environment when they finish their stay in Grafton. My vision for this farm is to eventually have a relationship with an inner city program where the kids can come out here and experience the farm on an ongoing basis. I also hope we can also have an ongoing relationship with a food pantry, where we donate our grass-fed beef to people who couldn’t afford it even if they had access.


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