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Clovelly our Milking Devon Cow has a New Calf

Wednesday, May 21st, 2014

More than a week late Clovelly finally has her calf and its a girl. This is important as the future of the breed is dependent on how many girls there are. Clovelly was bred last August by artificial insemination with semen from a NewDevonMay2014bull collected and sold by the American Milking Devon Association.

Trip to Red Hill in PA

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Another trip to Red Hill in Hyner, Pennsylvania produced more outstanding 361 million year old fossils. This trip we thought we were collecting more head plates and it ended up we extracted a foot long cleithrum of the lobe finned Hyneria lindae that must have been about 10 feet long. Hyneria was the top predator in this river ecosystem. Here is Ian is extracting the cleithrum from a ledge we cut into the rock. In addition to the cleithrum we also collected many scales and uncovered a massive jaw which will be be retained by the museum. The site is overseen by the Philadelphia Academy of Natural Science.IanRedHillHeadPlateInteriorHeadPlateExterior