October, 2015

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The Move Visit: Educational and Fun

Tuesday, October 20th, 2015

_MG_8274The Move, a non-profit formed to expose city youth to farming, growing food and healthy living came to visit with a group of about 40 on Saturday, Oct 17th. We started out the day with moving the cows off the Back Pasture which we needed to vacate by Oct 15th. After feeding some apples, we broke up into 5 groups and thanks to our talented volunteer leaders were able to get a diverse number of projects accomplished. After finishing the work we got together to discuss the significance of the days activities and then have lunch of grass-fed hamburgers. Many thanks to our volunteers, Chis Molinaro, Yun Gao, Laura Quincy Jones and the organizers from The Move, Ladawn Strickland who also brought her mom to cook hamburgers and a number of chaperones from the Boston YMCA who organized the group that came. Also thanks to Kendall Sweeney who along with being captain of the Algonquin girls soccer team and taking a lot of the senior class pictures has provided professional quality pictures and post that have been both here and on our facebook page. These kinds of activities will continue even after the cows have left the conservation land. This is an important component of what the Cow Fund does. Anyone interested in helping out should contact me at Paul.Bourdon@lfb-usa.com

Additional photo’s are at these two facebook sites:



The Move to Visit Breakneck Hill Farm

Wednesday, October 7th, 2015

The Move is an organization that connects young people from Boston with farms and the food system. They travel to various farms both in Boston and in the suburbs. They will be coming to Breakneck Hill Farm on Oct 17 at 9:30 AM to help with a number of projects. We will be moving the cows and taking down the fence on the Back Pasture. We will also be getting the barn and barnyard ready for the cows to come back to in November. I am hoping to secure an oak log to split into rails if not we’ll be finishing some rails and setting up some home made split rail fence. Please stop by and say hi if your in the area. We’ll be serving grass-fed burgers for lunch.


Urban Farm Institute Comes to Breakneck Hill Farm

Thursday, October 1st, 2015

Five members of the Urban Farm Institute came out from Boston to visit Breakneck Hill Farm on a beautiful day on Sep. 18th. Our immediate goal was to pick some of the thousands of delicious and organic apples that are on the trees on the conservation land. The orchard was originally planted in the 1940’s and at one point had something like 3000 trees. Invasive plants, disease and development have destroyed almost all the trees. The only ones that survived were the ones in the cow pasture that were protected by the cows who ate the invasive plants and who also ate the apples that dropped to the ground. Drops are a problem in orchards as they harbor pests and diseases.


The goal of the visit was also to make a connection and exchange ideas between our suburban farm and one from the city. The cow fund provided lunch and we discussed the many ongoing permaculture projects at Breakneck Hill Farm.

The Urban Farm Institute is a non-profit organization that trains inner city young people in the skills to grow high quality healthy food. They have a number of properties they have or are turning into small farms in Boston. They most recently acquired the 2 remaining acres of the historic Fowler Clark Farm right in the middle of Roxbury. This will be their headquarters with a garden filling what was an overgrown lot. Congratulations to the UFI!