Recycling of the Raspberry Patch

Written by Paul on February 23rd, 2016

The raspberry patch has given us many gallons of raspberries over the last 9 years but it was finally time to renovate the space. So it was mowed and manure from both the cows and chicken coops was spread over the grass and weeds. Now we have begun the process of sheet mulching with cardboard and then covering it in wood chips. The cardboard is free from recycling and the wood chips were dropped off from a tree service in my next door neighbors yard. The goal is to utilize local resources as much as possible. All three components, manure, cardboard and wood chips are considered waste and would need energy exerted to deal with them. By changing the paradigm and looking at how can these be used as resources we are now able to suppress grass and weeds and build soil. This area will eventually be planted with food crops. This is how permaculture works. Changing the problem into the solution.



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