What a Great Season!

Written by Paul on December 3rd, 2017

I have been learning to cook! I grow an abundance of food which I both donate and give away but I have never really completed the circle. This is what I do. I have aways been someone who needs to understand systems. Its been true at work and its true in every interest I have ever had. This beautiful melody of veggies including onions, bell peppers, potatoes (red, yukon, purple), carrots (orange, purple), beets (golden and red), turnips, butternut squash was grown on the farm. My friend Rachel and her husband came to make dinner one night after work and we decided everything needed to come from the farm. We dressed the veggies with olive oil, salt and pepper and roasted them at 400 degrees for 30 minutes. It always makes food taste better when you grow it yourself but even if you just buy local you will notice the difference.


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