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Preparing for the 2018 Season

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

The goal of the new season is to expand and improve. I am making plans to expand the garden to include about 8000 square feet of space in the paddock where the cows used to hang out waiting for the winter to be over. Now I only have one cow, this space can be better utilized as market garden. So while its not warm enough to plant outside there are lots of activities that need to happen. Seedlings are now growing indoors and I am lucky to have such a great south and east exposure. Also, I have areas outside that the trees have started to overgrow and winter is traditionally the time to thin out trees.

A series of nor’easter have not only taken down a lot of branches but also took this maple which i was thinking of cutting down. Nature did it for me.

These trees were creating too much shade and suppressing the oaks from filling the canopy so I took these down myself.

Taking down these scraggly oaks will allow more plantings at the north end of the new garden.